Terms of Usage

  1. If you want to enroll as an online student of NCBC, first you need to register your details for which mail address is required. Your mail address is your User ID; you need to create your own password. It has to be within terms and conditions.
  2. Clicking course, you enroll and you can go to the next steps.
  3. NCBC website has both online and offline payment facility. You can use online payment Gateway and pay the fee. (Example: Grace Level -1 Rs.2000). Online payment Gateway suits only Indian account holders. You can use this only to pay the fee for NCBC.

    Foreign students who hold accounts in India can use online payment Gateway. Otherwise, pay the fee in the Bank for which details are provided below. After paying send the soft copy to [email protected] or inform through whatsapp – bearing the number 8760607070. The soft copy of the payment should be uploaded in offline payment Gateway.

    Bank Details:

    D. Balu Justin Raj,
    Bank : ICICI Bank,
    Savings Acc.No: 601701514039,
    IFSC Code: ICIC0006017,
    Branch : Kochadai, Madurai.
  4. After you receive the Auto - Generated payment Receipt, your details will be checked. Then Activation mail will be sent to your registered mail address.
  5. An individual uses User ID and Password and if more than one person uses the same use it will be locked. It would be good if you login and logout your account each time.
  6. Before you write the examination, go through the rules and regulations carefully.
  7. You can register your doubts concerning the lessons taught in NCBC in the Forum page and the response will be sent within a short time.